Answers to 7 Tough Interview Questions - "What is important to you in a work environment?"

09 May 2019
Answers To 7 Tough Interview Questions

“What is important to you in a work environment?” is the tough interview question that we are tackling today. In our series on answers to tough interview questions, we delve into what the interviewer is trying to uncover. For today’s question, the interviewer is trying to determine if the job seeker is the right fit for the job and the organization’s cultural environment.

Answer to tough interview question 3, “What is important to you in a work environment?”

“Through my in-depth research, I have discovered that XYZ is in growth mode, and has recently acquired three companies. As a senior finance executive who has been involved with several mergers and acquisitions, based on my experience at former employers, I know that on some days, I will have to work long hours to ensure the smooth integration of the acquired companies, and that is completely acceptable to me. I also have a check list that I created, which includes all the steps to take to integrate all the systems so that in the end, the much larger organization operates like a unified one. Additionally, I have always thrived in environments where I am contributing to the growth and success of the organization. And it is very gratifying to me to celebrate the successful completion of a project with my team.”

In the response, you are demonstrating to the interviewer that you are flexible in your work environment and that you are a team player. You have also shown that you have experience in mergers and acquisitions and know what to expect when integrating the acquired companies. In addition, your response to interview questions needs to be specific and succinct, as well as truthful and positive. Candidates who relate a particular situation to the interviewer for each question will be far more effective and successful than those who respond in general terms. The best way to answer tough interview questions is to briefly describe the situation and be specific about the action you took.

The response offered to the third tough interview question, “What is important to you in a work environment?” is only a guide, and therefore it is the job candidate’s responsibility to tweak the advice offered.

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