Answers to 7 Tough Interview Questions - "What makes you the best candidate for this role?"

09 May 2019
Answers To 7 Tough Interview Questions

“Why should we hire you?/What makes you the best candidate for this role?” is the tough interview question that we are tackling today.

In our series on answers to tough interview questions, we delve into what the interviewer is trying to uncover. For today’s question, the interviewer is trying to determine if the job seeker has the proper credentials, knowledge and experience for the job. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the value that you are adding to the organization if they hire you.

Answer to tough interview question 4, “Why should we hire you?/What makes you the best candidate for this role?”

Through my in-depth research, I have discovered that XYZ is in growth mode, and has recently acquired three companies. As a senior finance executive who has been involved with 12 mergers and acquisitions, in three Fortune 500 companies, over a period of 25 years, based on my experience, I guarantee that I will be able to successfully integrate your newly acquired companies into the existing business. I have written several case studies on the proper steps to take for the smooth integration of acquired companies, and these case studies are used in top business schools. Because of my expertise in the area, I am frequently asked to speak at international conferences, which has always benefitted my employers. I know without a doubt that I can successfully perform in this role. Do you have any follow-up questions I can address on this?”

In the response you are demonstrating that you are both qualified to successfully perform in the role, and able to give your prospective employer visibility internationally. You are demonstrating how you can add value to the organization. In addition, your response to interview questions needs to be specific and succinct, as well as truthful and positive. Candidates who relate a particular situation to the interviewer for each question will be far more effective and successful than those who respond in general terms. The best way to answer tough interview questions is to briefly describe specific situations from your work history, and to also be specific in describing the action you took.

The response offered to the fourth tough interview question, “Why should we hire you?/What makes you the best candidate for this role?” is only a guide, and therefore it is the job candidate’s responsibility to tweak the advice offered.

This article is contributed by Right Management,, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.

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