Four Great Questions to Ask in your next Interview

28 June 2019
Great Questions To Ask

​With the job market tighter than ever, you now have more choice and discretion when selecting an employer. Taking the time to choose an employer wisely benefits everyone.

In every job search, there comes a time to turn the tables. Companies spend so much time evaluating job applicants, it can be easy to forget that assessment is a two-way street. When applying for a job or getting recruited, you should evaluate potential employers as well. When more companies than ever are struggling to fill roles, you can be more selective than ever about where you choose to work if you have the skills employers need. Here’s some questions to ask in the interview process to help you make the right choice. 

What is a normal career path for someone holding that position?

By asking this question, you can evaluate your own career path to see if you are a good candidate for a particular position. It's also a great way to learn about potential directions you can take your career in the future. 

What does your company value? 

The most harmonious workplaces have people who share the same values. If you find that the people who you work closely with, or the leaders of the organization have conflicting values, then you will never be happy working there. For instance, if you value work-life integration and the workplace culture supports working 70 hours each week, that will introduce a lot of stress into your life.

How would you describe the corporate culture? 

It may be impossible to describe what happens daily in a dynamic workplace. But at the very least, you want to understand the culture to determine your fit. Are there a lot of meetings? Is the daily communication in the office predominantly top down or bottom up? Is it a social environment in and outside the workplace? By honing in on what the culture looks like, you can assess the larger picture of how you might fit in. 

Where do you see your company in the future? 
In today's rapidly-changing world of work, job security is never guaranteed. But, it's often more likely with a company that has a clear vision for the future. This question should reveal the organization's plans to remain sustainable and to better understand the kind of opportunities that might be available.

Remember, you have just as much right to evaluate a future employer as they do to evaluate you. When everyone goes into the situation with their eyes open, it’s more likely that everyone will be satisfied in the future.  

This article is contributed by Right Management,, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.

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