Small Ways to Impress in a Job Interview

28 June 2019
Small Ways To Impress In A Job Interview

​Not every answer in an interview has to be a grand monologue. Instead, do your research on the finer details to score points.

Memorize the company’s mission 

The difference between two equally qualified candidates for a job can come down to, who really wants this particular job? You can set yourself apart from being just another job seeker by knowing what the company stands for. Don’t just repeat the company mission statement back, which can sound disingenuous. Instead, relate a story to why what the company for resonates with you.  

Look up recent posts on social media 

A company isn’t a static entity, but an ever-evolving institution just like any person. To stay in touch with what’s currently going on with the organization, familiarize yourself with any news the company has recently been posting about in social media. This will both help you get a better sense of what’s important to the company, and can also provide you fodder to discuss in the interview.  

Talk to current employees 

For most people, talking to current employees means asking someone for a favor to put in a good word for you. Instead of that approach, talk to someone who currently works at the company to ask them what they like most about working there. This can inform your research and help shape your thoughts about why you want to work for the company.  

Know your interviewers’ names 

Nothing in language sounds as sweet as your own name, and someone you just met using your first name shows that you care and pay attention to detail. Don’t overdo it by peppering every sentence with someone’s name of course. Instead, use it in subtle ways, such as the end of the interview calling them by name when you make your goodbyes.  

Show up with references 

If things go well, your interviewers will call your references to see what others say about you. Give them a preview by typing up and printing out highlights of praise for specific skills that others have given you. You can reach out to references to get this, or simply compile a list from LinkedIn recommendations. A word of caution: There’s a fine line between looking prepared and looking conceited, so save this until the end for after you’ve built up a rapport.  Ultimately, you want to keep these small gestures in perspective. They are no replacement for skills and ability. At the same time, going the extra mile in showing that you’re paying attention are the intangibles that hiring committees look for when selecting valuable members of a team. Pay attention to the small details, and the whole part could be yours.  

This article is contributed by Right Management,, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.

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