You don't need to look far for evidence of the increasing struggle in finding the best talent. From lower application volumes, to rising candidate withdrawals - employers throughout the UK are finding it increasingly difficult to attract individuals with the right skills. With your business growth and success at stake, identifying, attracting and securing in-demand talent requires a flexible approach.

Whether you need one person, a handful of individuals, or hundreds of new recruits - we find, secure and retain in-demand professional talent for both permanent and contract roles.

We make it easier for you to find the right individuals for your job openings; building, implementing and delivering the right solution for your organisation. We take the time to understand your business needs, fulfilling your requirements today and complementing the direction you’re moving in.

We do all of this, whilst reducing your hiring timeline and delivering the best fit candidates for your organisation.

Permanent Resourcing

It takes enhanced candidate experiences, time-tested recruitment processes, clear reporting and expert attraction strategies to recruit specialist, hard-to-find talent.

Our comprehensive permanent recruitment processes ensure that we identify and secure the best-fit individuals for your organisation. From attracting the best active talent on the market, to reaching and converting those not actively seeking new roles, we work hard to fill your specialist talent requirements. And, as the largest technology recruitment specialist in Europe, we can scale up or down as needed to meet your changing requirements.

Our consultants will spend time getting to know your business and the objectives you need to meet, helping us to create a tailored attraction, assessment, screening and selection process. This preparation allows us to reinforce your employer brand throughout the process, so that every hire is the right fit for your organisation.

With access to the latest market intelligence confirming where potential candidates are based, who is hiring them and how much they are paying, we'll also work with you to optimise your employer brand, ensuring you're reaching the right individuals.

And, if you're going through a business transformation, we can work with you to assess your existing employees - identifying transferable skills and train-to-fit opportunities to help your current workforce prepare for the future needs of your organisation.

Typical scenarios where our permanent recruitment services can support include:

  • Market mapping

  • Demand spikes

  • Limited in-house capacity

  • New product launch and innovations

  • Niche skills requirements

  • Short term support

Interim Resourcing

From recruiting small number of contractors for a specific project, to delivering a full Managed Service solution - at Experis, we can manage all aspects of your interim recruitment requirements, helping to enhance your organisation's productivity, innovation and growth potential.

When your business relies on specialist, hard-to-find talent, it's vital that you attract and retain contractors for as long as you need them. That's why our dedicated Contractor Care Team provides support to all contractors at every stage of their assignment. Our continued focus on the contractor's experience ensures they transition smoothly and quickly become a valuable contributor to your business.

Our process is designed with simplicity in mind. That's why we've developed our own specialised system to manage timesheets, expenses and holiday submission. This system currently payrolls more than 4,000 contractors every week, offering a fully trackable and auditable solution at no additional cost.

Typical scenarios where our Interim Resourcing services can support include:

  • Demand spikes

  • Project teams

  • Cost savings

  • Project solutions

  • Specialist skills

  • Offshore capabilities

  • Nearshore capabilities

  • Risk control

Employed Consultants

An Employed Consultant is a highly skilled specialist who is permanently employed by Experis, and then deployed on assignments with our clients. Our Employed Consultants have been screened and vetted by us, and receive continuous professional training and development, aligned to our client environments.

This employment model is particularly effective when an IT or Engineering professional is required for a long, complex project; or for assignments which are expected to last for at least six months.

With an Employed Consultant, you'll benefit from:

Costs savings

With a fixed day rate, Employed Consultants are typically 10-20% more cost effective than comparable independent contractors. In effect, the model allows you to deploy a semi-permanent workforce, without the associated recruitment costs and headcount restrictions.

Skills retention

The longer-term nature of the Employed Consultant model means you'll have a consistent, stable team, whilst retaining the flexibility benefits of a contractor. This creates time and efficiency savings, as skills and knowledge are retained for the length of your requirements.

Increased flexibility and productivity

You will benefit from the flexibility of a contractor, alongside the commitment and mindset of a permanent worker.

Reduced risk

As all Employed Consultants are permanent members of the Experis workforce, there are no co-employment risks. Additionally, the IR35 regulation is not applicable to this employment type, and there are no tenure risk implications.

If you would like to find out more about how Employed Consultants could work in your organisation, you can email us at or download the brochure.